July Product of the Month

By Tory Wegner, LAc, DiplOM, FABORM

​July in North Carolina is a beautiful time of year and the perfect time to take advantage of all the seasonal fruits and vegetables by enjoying salads and homemade smoothies.  It seems fitting that the featured product for July is Smart Basics organic Goji Juice.  Goji berries have been recognized for centuries in Asia for their high nutrient content and powerful antioxidant properties.  Goji berries or gou qi zi is a common herbal medicinal in Traditional Chinese Medicine that is used to nourish and tonify the yin and blood of the body.

​Goji berries can be taken daily to promote good health, increase energy, and boost the immune system.  We like the Smart Basics brand because it is certified organic, is in a BPA-free bottle, is free of added sugar, color and flavorings, and is 100% goji juice.  I’ve looked at a lot of goji juice products on the market, and many of them contain “filler juices” like pomegranate, cherry, and cranberry so you’re not getting your money’s worth!  Goji juice tastes great and can be taken on its own or added to any juice or smoothie…perfect for summertime!  Best yet, there are 32 servings in 1 bottle!

In July 2015 save 10% on Goji Berry Juice


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