May Product of the Month

By Tory Wegner, LAc, DiplOM

Do you suffer from painful menstrual cramps?  This is a common problem and is experienced by most women at some point, but for others it can be very intense and something they dread every month!  Chinese Medicine has been treating women’s health for thousands of years so there is a lot of evidence about how effective acupuncture and herbal treatment can be at treating painful periods (dysmenorrhea).

One popular product in the clinic is Cramp Bark Plus by Health Concerns.  It can be taken one or two days before the menstrual flow starts and continued throughout the cycle.  It’s very effective at decreasing pain and intensity of cramps and is safe to take.  Many women report that they are able to reduce or even eliminate the usage of over the counter NSAIDS when they take cramp bark plus. 

For the month of May 2015, Cramp Bark Plus will be 10 % off


These statements are not intended to diagnose, cure, or treat any condition  

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