Now Carrying: Conceivable Tinctures

By Tory Wegner, LAc, diplomat OM

Triangle Acupuncture Clinic has been one of a handful of acupuncture fertility clinics around the country to be the initial testers of a new line of herbal products focused on men and women’s fertility, as well as test a new fertility app tracker for your smartphone or tablet called “Conceivable.”  We are pleased to be able to offer our patients the most cutting edge technology as well as a high quality and effective line of herbal tinctures based on the latest research in treating fertility.

At Triangle Acupuncture all of our acupuncturists are also Chinese herbalists and are skilled at creating individualized formulas to get maximum results and symptom relief.  The Conceivable tinctures are focused on fertility and are geared towards people trying to conceive naturally, in between assisted reproductive techniques, trying to regulate their menstrual cycle, or of advanced maternal age.

The herbs in the tinctures can be modified to address each individual patient’s condition.  When treating fertility, different herbs are typically given at different phases of your cycle.  For example, a tincture might be given in the menstrual phase to help completely shed the lining and decrease pain and PMS.  Then another formula is given in the follicular phase to support proper growth of the follicles as well as promote strong ovulation with LH surge and cervical mucous.  After ovulation a tincture will be given in the luteal phase of the cycle to support implantation and help keep temperatures at the appropriate higher level.  1-week supply of tincture is $25.00

If you’d like more information please ask your practitioner at your next appointment or feel free to give our clinic a call.  Also check out  We are very excited to share these products with you!

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