September Product of the Month

By Tory Wegner, LAc, dipl.OM

It’s getting to be that time of year again, the dreaded cold and flu season.  The good news is you can be proactive and boost your immune system with an effective product called Power Mushrooms by Health Concerns and hopefully avoid getting sick in the first place. 

This is one of my favorite products and it contains 4 different types of mushrooms that act as an immune system modulator and since the only ingredients are mushrooms (food), the can be taken all season long with no adverse effect.  There have been numerous studies in China and Japan researching the positive health benefits of mushrooms.

There are a couple of ways that these can be taken; if you are traveling, going on an airplane, or moving into a stressful time at work you can start taking power mushrooms as a preventative to boost your immune system.  It’s best to take these before you are actually sick so your body is stronger and better able to fight off any “bugs.”  However, you can also start taking these immediately at the very first sign of a cold, the very first tickle in your throat! Power Mushrooms can be used short or long term.  This product can be used for a variety of conditions like some autoimmune disorders, lingering colds or flu, asthma, and allergies, to name a few (ask your acupuncturist of power mushrooms is right for you). 

Power up your fall season with Power Mushrooms and check out our Facebook page to learn more about the product.

For the month of September Power Mushrooms will be 10% off!


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