Sugar Blues Part 2

Kalpana’s Corner


I am happy to report that after a semi-painful month of drastically reducing sugar and alcohol - I feel that I overcame a hump.  Before I started this healing diet I needed to have dessert and/or alcohol every day and now I go 7 days comfortably without. 

This is a huge change for me to feel more stable and less impulsive about sugar.  The first two weeks of avoiding sugar were the worst, I was depressed and agitated from withdrawals and cravings.  The twice/weekly acupuncture during this time helped me with sleep and managing the stress of feeling so low and anxious. Now I’m still a bit melancholy but it feels at least stable, whereas before I would swing from a sugar high to feeling depressed and gross afterwards and then back to a sugar high endlessly.  It is becoming much easier to choose when to have dessert and I look forward to something I really want. 



As far as digestion goes things seem much calmer.  For supplements, I find that taking GI Fortify with psyllium helps keep my system feeling clean. Subsequently I feel lighter and less bloated.  I am taking a Chinese herbal blend specific for my symptoms and that is helping with sleep and anxiety.   Vitamin D has also been great for many things including mood, and muscle aches.  I'm allowing myself time to sleep more as my body adjusts.  The next step is to continue to maintain these new habits and work on feeling less tired and melancholy. 


I will continue to get acupuncture weekly, as when I skipped a week of treatments, I noticed feeling more restless.   I do get a once a week indulgence of chocolate and/or wine and that helps me feel not so deprived. Right now my mood feels neutral but hopefully over time I can move up on the emotional scale to fulfillment and happy contentment as a normal way of being. I suspect during this transition, my body is not sure what is taking place. Can anyone else relate to my issue? I would love to hear any of your comments.

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