Triangle Acupuncture Clinic, LLC

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Hours and Rates

Our hours are somewhat varied due to practitioner schedules. In our Chapel Hill office we are open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 8:45am - 6pm, Tuesday 9am - 6pm, Thursday 8:30am - 6:30pm, and Saturday 8:30am - 3pm. In our Raleigh office, we are open on Monday 8am - 6pm, Tuesday and Wednesday 9am - 6pm, Thursday 8:30am - 6pm, Friday 8am - 6pm, and Saturday 8:30am - 1pm. If you are stopping by to pick something up, it is always a good idea to call ahead of time to ensure that your products will be left out for you.

New Patient Visits typically last one and a half hour and include an in-depth medical history as well as an acupuncture treatment. Return Visits are typically one hour and include a brief update on progress and an acupuncture treatment.

Fees for Service

Type of Visit Insurance Rate Non-insurance Rate
New Patient Visit $110 $130
Return Visits/established patient $75 $90
Fertility: New Patient Visit $120 $145
Fertility: Return Visit $90 $110
Embryo Transfer Treatment $90-$250 $90-$250
Children under 13, first visit $95 $115
Children under 13, return visit $65 $80
Facial Rejuvenation $95 $115
College Student, first visit $95 $115
College Student, return visit $65 $80

Health Insurance Policy:

Most insurance companies in North Carolina do not include acupuncture as a covered benefit. Some insurance companies (such as Federal BCBS, BCBS of NY, BCBS of CA, United Heathcare, Cigna) do include acupuncture as a covered benefit. And other insurance companies include acupuncture as part of affinity programs, or discounted services in exchange for promotion of those services (such as BCBS of NC, Duke Select).

Triangle Acupuncture Clinic does not bill insurance directly as most patients do not have covered acupuncture benefits. We do provide superbills (or itemized receipts with all necessary procedure and diagnosis codes) that allow individuals with covered benefits, health savings accounts, etc to be reimbursed accordingly. We also offer a discounted insurance rate for those plans that do not cover acupuncture directly. And cash paying individuals may receive discounted rates.

Please call your specific insurance plan to inquire what benefits you are entitled to.