FAQ & Cost

How Do I Make an Appointment?

To make an appointment for your initial consultation at our Chapel Hill, Raleigh or Carolina Conceptions office call (919) 933-4480. If you are a patient at the Duke Fertility Center you can make an appointment for retrieval or embryo transfer by emailing us at dfcacupuncture@gmail.com. We encourage you to set up your initial appointment as early in your fertility journey as possible but it is also never too late to add the benefits of our services to your plan. You will need to fill out paperwork before you come to the appointment which can be found on our Forms Page. Please print out the forms specific for male or female fertility.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

The anticipation that surrounds the ticking of a biological clock once a pregnancy is desired can create a sense of urgency for a couple. However, stress and the psychological effects of hopefulness and then depression with each menstrual period can hamper the process of conception. We will work together to focus our attention on your gynecological health and away from the desperate feelings surrounding conception. It is recommended that patients make a three month commitment to acupuncture and Chinese medicine when considering it as a viable option. During this time, we will refer to the FAM charting of your ovulation to evaluate the effectiveness and also communicate with your doctor to perform any diagnostic testing you may need to confirm results. This is not to say that a couple won’t conceive within this timeframe but this is a reasonable amount of time for the patient to see measurable results. In fact, most patients see positive changes in their health as soon as after the first or second treatment whether it is better sleep, less PMS and a decrease in stress & tension.

What Makes an Acupuncturist a Fertility Specialist?

You will notice that many clinics offer infertility care as part of a long list of "specialties." Triangle Acupuncture Clinic stands out for many reasons. Our fertility practitioners have spent hundreds of hours in extra coursework studying the western and eastern medical approach to treating infertility. They all focus on infertility in practice and primarily treat only fertility and women's health patients. In addition, Katherine Rowe, founder and supervisor of the fertility program at Triangle Acupuncture Clinic, as well as Kolleen Mitchell are ABORM certified, an organization comprised of the leading professionals in Oriental Reproductive Medicine. Each diplomat of ABORM has demonstrated a high level of competency in the clinical application of acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine as it pertains to current ART practices. Click here for more information on ABORM. As a patient of Triangle Acupuncture Clinic's Fertility program, you will find that our practitioners are familiar with all aspects of infertility from the emotional to the highly technical.

Costs and Insurance Coverage

Currently in NC most insurance companies do not accept claims from licensed acupuncturists. Triangle Acupuncture Clinic, LLC is listed as a provider for a group of insurance companies which includes Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC, Cigna, United Healthcare, Wellpath and many others. To members of these insurance companies we offer a discount off our services. At this time, insurance companies do not allow us to bill them for treatment reimbursement so payment is due at the time of treatment. Patients are encouraged to send in receipts to their insurance carrier to see if it may be applied to their deductible or considered part of a health savings account.

Fertility Initial Consultation and Treatment $145
Fertility Initial Consultation and Treatment with Insurance $120
Fertility Return Visit Treatment $110
Fertility Return Visit Treatment with Insurance $90
Embryo transfer treatments at Duke Fertility Center $250

Does Acupuncture Hurt?

Acupuncture in general is not painful. The needles are extremely thin (about the width of 2 human hairs), solid, disposable and flexible. Sensations that patients normally experience are a dull ache or tingling which is associated with the movement of energy stimulated by the insertion of the needles. This is a desired affect and should not feel painful. First-timers are usually uneasy about the prospect of needles and have a hard time believing that needles will be able to help you attain a deeply relaxed state. Do not be afraid! We are very gentle and interested primarily in your comfort. Once you feel (or don't feel) the first needle, all your fears will vanish.

What Happens at the Initial Consultation?

All of your questions are welcome and will be answered at your initial consultation. Here is what you can expect: The first visit will last approximately 1 ½ hours. - You will discuss your fertility and menstrual history, as well as daily habits such as digestion, sleep and exercise. Bring any information you have easily available such as BBT charts, lab reports, etc. - Your pulse and tongue will be read according to traditional Chinese principles — these two physical assessments give your acupuncturist valuable information about your blood and body systems. - Acupuncture treatment may consist of needling points on your lower back and legs and/or your abdomen, arms, legs, and head. The treatment may or may not also include the use of electrical stimulation of the points. This is a very gentle and relaxing addition to the needles which promotes circulation in the reproductive organs. The needling itself should be painless and sometimes a heavy or achy sensation will surround the location of the needles. This is a positive sign that the treatment is effective and overall it should be a deeply relaxing experience. - After the acupuncture, you will discuss any questions you may have and review the treatment plan designed for you. This may or may not include a prescription of Chinese herbs. The second visit will take a closer look at your diet, supplement usage and overall lifestyle. What you put into your body in the form of nutrients dramatically affects the health of eggs that are maturing and becoming ready for fertilization. Poor quality of sleep and digestive upset can also increase stress in the body. Abdominal massage will be introduced to increase circulation to the pelvic organs and minimize any stagnation present. You will then be expected to follow through with the massage at home at regular intervals. Your acupuncturist will lead you through a breathing exercise to promote relaxation and help you incorporate more relaxation into your daily life.

Subsequent visits will include acupuncture, updates and check-ins on diet and lifestyle health as well as uterine massage and relaxation exercises when needed.