Good Sleep

Fertility issues and sleep disorders are so common you could say they seem to go hand in hand. Often patients report sleep issues whether it is having trouble falling asleep, waking up often, nightly hot flashes, vivid disturbing dreams or waking up too early at the same time each day. Each of these characteristics of poor sleep has a diagnosis in Chinese medicine and we incorporate sleep treatment into our fertility acupuncture. It is amazing how much better the body performs when you get good, deep sleep.

“Good sleep hygiene” is the term used to describe the ways a person can increase the odds of getting a restful sleep. To increase your chances of getting good sleep:

  • Eliminate caffeine after 2pm
  • Avoid sugar and other stimulating substances close to bedtime
  • Stop eating at least two hours before going to bed
  • Do not drink lots of fluids right before bed
  • Do not check your e-mails or turn on the computer after dinner
  • Do not have intense phone calls or important discussions after dinner
  • Avoid violent or upsetting TV shows
  • Try to read or listen to music, do pm yoga, stretch and meditate in the hours before bed so that you naturally wind down.

The body needs restful sleep to keep all systems running smoothly, this includes reproductive function. We are at a time in history where everyone is working harder than ever and fertility struggles can add a very thick layer of stress to boot. If you have trouble sleeping, make sure your practitioner focuses on this with you during treatment. Good sleep makes everything feel possible.