Herb Safety

The question of Herb safety is one we understand that every patient has, and one that we take very seriously. In general, herbs prescribed by a licensed practitioner are relatively safe and cause no or minimal side effects. We utilize all different types of herbs, for example some are strengthening and nourishing for the digestive system while others are quite strong at killing viral and bacterial infections. When prescribed in the correct dose and in the right combinations, Chinese herbs are both strong and safe for the patient.

Our herbal inventory is extensive and we reorder products every 2 weeks to maintain freshness and ensure effectiveness. Each practitioner at TAC has been licensed in Chinese Herbal Medicine as part of their Master’s degree training. All of the herbal products we sell at TAC are GMP certified which is the highest standard for herbs and supplements in the United States. Our more concentrated herb granules that patients prepare as tea come from KPC, a company in Taiwan with rigorous quality control. Each batch of herbs is intensively examined for pesticides and heavy metals so that we can provide you with the purest and most effective form of Chinese Herbal Medicine. If you ever have any questions about herb safety, do not hesitate to ask your practitioner.