Corrie Cooper, LMBT

Corrie recently moved to Raleigh from the Charlotte area where she owned a successful massage practice for 7 years.  Most of the clients she worked with in Charlotte were athletes or led active lifestyles and the majority of the bodywork she performed was neuromuscular and deep tissue.  

Corrie began her career working with a chiropractor and within that environment, she gained important experience in supporting people's healing from personal injuries with various bodywork techniques and treatments.  She has been able to witness, firsthand, the health complications that transpire from sitting and is encouraged to work with those clients who proactively choose massage therapy as a part of an intentional, healthy lifestyle to combat the negative effects of being sedentary most of the day.   

Throughout her 13-year career, she has studied and practiced many techniques in massage therapy and beyond.  In addition to different bodywork modalities, she also has certifications from the Nutrition Therapy Association and the Chek Institute (Chek Holistic Lifestyle Coach L2). 

Corrie finds joy in being in nature and likes to explore by means of trail running shoes, a backpack, or a bicycle.