Danny Lopez, LAc, MSTOM

Danny Lopez, L.Ac. graduated summa cum laude from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego.  Danny is nationally licensed and board certified in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine by the NCCAOM. He has had the privilege of practicing Chinese medicine in California, Oregon and now proudly calls North Carolina his home.  Danny's interests are orthopedic medicine, infertility, pregnancy and emotional disorders.  

Danny trained with the renowned orthopedic acupuncturist Matt Callison at UCSD’s RIMAC athletic center.  Considered the top-tier in acupuncture and sports medicine education, Danny learned how to rehabilitate patients after injuries.  His skills include performing orthopedic evaluations, practicing the muscle motor point acupuncture technique, and the prescribing of appropriate exercises and stretches.  Danny also worked in San Diego’s downtown free and senior clinics where he treated a great deal of pain, mental conditions, drug addiction, and geriatric conditions. While in school, Danny also traveled weekly just south of the border to Tijuana, Mexico to treat people in search of pain relief adding depth to his understanding of biomechanics and learning new additional, effective treatment techniques.

After moving to beautiful Bend, Oregon, Danny started his own practice and found himself treating not only sports injuries but anxiety, depression, all types of pregnancy aches and pains and menstrual disorders.  Using acupuncture and herbs to help individuals address emotional and hormonal challenges was particularly rewarding and it sparked a desire to advance his understanding of infertility care and the emotional journey couples experience during the process.  Danny has a particular interest in working with male infertility issues.  He enjoys looking at the big picture in order to find the most effective treatment that is right for your condition.  

Apart from doing the work that he loves, Danny spends his time reading books, staying active, and going on outdoor adventures with his lovely wife.