Healthy Digestion for the Holidays

It’s eating season!  Or, I mean, Holiday season!!  If you haven’t already overdosed on Halloween candy and then Thanksgiving dinner (and leftovers), you will get a chance to test your digestive capabilities even further with all the end of year holiday parties.  In addition to spending time with family and spreading love around our communities, eating large and heavy meals or extra sweets tends to be at the center of our get-togethers.  So how do we enjoy this season to the max without feeling miserable afterwards? 

If you know your digestion is on the weaker side, acupuncture can be a big help.  Specific acupuncture points can: 

  • Regulate acid secretion in the stomach
  • Reduce muscle contractions to alleviate pain and fullness after eating
  • Mediate intestinal motility which means that we can work wonders in helping both to regulate constipation or calm loose stools. 

The Chinese herbal pharmacy also has many tools to overcome these common discomforts– whether you’re overeating or just suffering from daily digestive woes.  We have incredibly effective formulas for things such as fullness and distention after eating, pain after eating, nausea, constipation and diarrhea.   If you don’t have time for an acupuncture session you can always come in for a quick herbal consult and find the herbal solution to fit your needs. 

So reach out to us for help this eating season to resolve any digestive issues you suffer from and enjoy all of your holiday parties!

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