Is It Time for a Quickie Fall Cleanse?

In a year that seems to be mostly just an accumulation of stress, most of us have lost our way with eating, exercising and getting good sleep.   Because the holidays are coming and pandemic demands that we preserve our immune systems, how about a quick 3 day Fall Cleanse to help you turn the corner back to a healthier lifestyle.  You don’t need a fancy guide.  These are the rules of a Fall Cleanse:

  • Start your day with an easy warm Detox Lemon Elixir for both digestion and immune health.  (See below for recipe)
  • You must eat, mostly plants and mostly warm meals.  This is not a time of year for lots of raw vegetables and salads – think vegetable soup, vegan curries or simple stir fry.
  • Snack on seeds – pumpkin and sunflower – with fresh or cooked fruit. 
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day.    
  • Avoid dairy, meat, sugar, processed foods, alcohol, gluten, corn and eggs.  Fish is ok for protein, otherwise try to do plant foods.  
  • Sweat every day with a vigorous walk, hike, short HIIT workout or bike ride.
  • Take an Epsom Salt bath every evening. 
  • Go to bed by 10-11pm.
  • It’s only 3 days.  Pick the 3 days during your week that will make this plan easy to stick to.   

If you don’t have time to do a lot of cooking, outsource some of the food.  Just stick to clean, not processed sources like vegetable soups from Whole Foods or similar store that makes it from scratch.  Grab a couple vegan vegetarian curries from your favorite local Indian Restaurant (insist vegan so they don’t add cream to the sauce).  Take an hour to roast an assortment of vegetables and eat them with some greens for a “cooked” salad.  With only 3 days to worry about, you only need to spend a bit of time mapping out and preparing your own meal plan.   Then grab what you need and Start!  It’s likely that you’ll find this so easy that you’ll want to do it monthly just for a quick re-set.  


Fall Cleanse – Start Your Day Detox Lemon Elixir

Into a big mug of warm water add:

1 Tbsp of Bragg’s apple cider vinegar

Juice from ½ lemon

Pinch of cinnamon

1 tsp honey

Mix together and enjoy!  Your digestion will be happy to start the day this way!

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