Nix Allergies and Colds this Fall

Ready for fall allergy and cold season?  We are 100% committed to making this the year you stay on top of your immune system and have an easier time with your sinuses.  From acupuncture to herbal remedies to even things like cupping, we can help you keep your body healthy and happy no matter what the allergy and cold season throws your way. 

3 Things You Can Do to Boost Immunity this Fall

1. A couple important supplements:  A simple regimen of supplements that help boost your immune system but also decrease your inflammatory response can go a long way in lessening many of your symptoms. 

  • Vitamin D is necessary to immune health and is also highly anti-inflammatory.  It’s regularly tested these days because 80% of us are deficient. 
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids are not specific to respiratory inflammation but taking a good quality omega 3 is something we should be doing all year long to reduce general inflammation and keep the immune system happy. 
  • Quercetin is an essential antioxidant for fighting allergies.  This bioflavonoid helps stabilize mast cells to keep them from releasing histamine.  It is naturally found in fruits and veggies but taking a dose of 400-600mg/day divided in two doses during spring and fall will give you what you need to be effective against allergies.  We now carry a really great product in our office called Sinuplex by Metagenics.  It’s like magic for sinus issues and allergies so stop by and grab some. 

2. Get in to see your acupuncturist: Acupuncture can not only boost your immune system leading up to allergy and cold season but it can also be an excellent treatment for allergies and colds once they arrive.  Our pharmacy of herbal medicine is deep and we have many excellent herbs and formulas to help your body kick the symptoms no matter if you’re at the beginning or slogging through a cold that won’t go away.  We also have many ways to use acupuncture when you’re not feeling well, including points to open up your sinuses instantly!

3. Keep things clean:  Starting with your nose, saline sprays and nettipots are a very easy way to cleanse the sinus cavity and flush out pollen.  Rinsing up to a couple of times a day will keep allergies and cold germs from taking root.  Also it’s important to keep your clothes, body and hair clean so hit the shower before bed and change your sheets at least once/week.  Keeping pets clean also helps!

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