The Self Care Lifestyle Day 2

Day 2: Don’t make time. Make priorities!

Time is time is time. Although some would argue that we made it all up, we’ve all agreed to the basic construct of time. Twenty-four hours in a day. Seven days in a week. No more, no less. We cannot ‘make’ more--we have the time that we have. On a larger scale, we cannot ‘make’ more life--we have the life that we have. And it’s by looking at time in that lens, as small, incremental steps on the path of our entire life, that we can begin to see that it’s not the time that matters--it’s what you do what you’ve been given. If this is the allotment of time I’ve been given, and it’s all mine, what am I going to do with it? How am I going to own the time and the life I’ve been generously gifted with?

It all begins with Gratitude.

If we see our lives (and our time) as a precious gift, it becomes abundantly clear to us that we are responsible for it. No matter our belief system, being grateful for the miracle of our breath, our body, our life has the power to shift our perspective, and in turn, the course of our lives. Expressing gratitude, for the big things and the small, no matter what else the world has thrown at us--even being grateful for the challenges and the storms--helps us to remember that we own our lives. And as such, we have the power to shape it into what we desire.

I invite you to practice gratitude for your life, just as it is right now. Need a little help? is a great website that has many free resources for helping you tune into, and express gratitude in simple and effective ways.

Tomorrow, we’ll begin our journey into the way of self care. Until then, I’m grateful you’re here.

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