I Hate Needles!  Can I Still Get Acupuncture?

Of course you can!  We are experts at what we do, and this includes making acupuncture a completely comfortable and relaxing experience.  Fear of needles is almost universal, and we are very used to our new patients being apprehensive about their first acupuncture treatment.  And we do understand it – most of us don’t love getting shots and IVs put in when we have to either BUT acupuncture needles are nothing like other needles used in medical procedures.  They are:

  • Tiny - the width of 2 human hairs
  • Solid, not hollow
  • Flexible like a cat whisker
  • Inserted quickly
  • Single-use

When you get acupuncture, you usually will not feel it at all, or you might feel a tiny pinch or sting for a couple seconds – like a 2/10 on the pain scale at most.   The sensation from the needles will change over the course of a treatment after they are inserted.  Sometimes the area around the point will feel a little achy, warm, or cause a quick muscle twitch.  It is normal to feel these things or nothing at all.  We leave our patients with a little bell they can ring if anything feels uncomfortable during a treatment and do a quick check-in after 10 minutes each time. 

Getting acupuncture has been described by our patients as, “I feel a light pinch and no discomfort.  Sometimes the area of the needles feels warm and heavy during the treatment.” Another says, “For the most part, I barely feel the needles go in and when I do, I just ask my acupuncturist to adjust it.  Then I relax into a dreamy sleepy place until the treatment is done.”

IF you are reading all of this and are still like, “yeah but I just really hate needles!”  We still encourage you to give it a go.  We can do a lot of work with you just by listening to your health history and making a holistic diagnosis, and then suggesting lifestyle, diet, and supplement options to help.  We also do cupping, gua sha, and acupressure among other things.

It is our mission at Triangle Acupuncture to make sure your treatment is completely relaxing and comfortable.  All of Triangle Acupuncture Clinic’s practitioners providing acupuncture in our Raleigh and Chapel Hill office have been practicing for over 10 years (most of us closer to 20 or more!).  No matter what you are coming in to have treated, we know you will leave feeling relaxed, despite the needles!

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