I have had the most amazing experience at Triangle Acupuncture Clinic. For years, I have struggled with a substance dependency. Nearing the end of viable options, I figured "what the heck! I'll try acupuncture." Now here is the most amazing part: since I began treatment at the clinic, I have abstained from addictive behavior for the second longest time in my memory. I am well-on track to setting my personal best record ever. I no longer feel cravings or twinges or have to worry about triggers. The acupuncture has worked where one-on-one with a therapist and treatment with pharmaceuticals had not been successful. I highly recommend the Clinic and hope that others may find the road to recovery and a whole life that I found there. - anonymous

The staff at Triangle Acupuncture helped me get over severe insomnia. It had gotten to the point that no sleep medicine was working. When I first started going there, I went once a week for five weeks. It helped tremendously! Now I go about every 5-6 weeks for a tune-up. Whenever I leave there, I feel so relaxed, and best of all, I can sleep. - M.L.

Danny Lopez is one of the most caring and proficient acupuncturist I have had the pleasure of meeting, working with and being treated by. Not only can he effectively treat pain and postural issues, but can also treat mental and emotional conditions as well. I would recomend him to all my family and friends. - D.P.

After my auto accident a few years ago, I was left with severe upper back pain that was not improved through medical doctors, chiropractors, etc. After 6 months of constant back pain, my wife suggested that I try acupuncture. Fortunately, I found Chris at Triangle Acupuncture, and had my first acupuncture treatment. After my third treatment from Chris, my back pain virtually disappeared. Since then, I periodically see Chris when needed for various aches and pains. Every treatment results in an improvement. For example, I recently strained my lower back severely, and the first treatment has already improved my condition considerably. The entire staff at Triangle Acupuncture is professional, friendly, and will go the extra mile to help their clients. I highly recommend them. - C.Z.

Chris was a great support during cancer treatment- having sessions before chemo helped stabilize my white blood counts and mitigate some of the side effects. - K.H.

I love coming to see Rick for my acupuncture! He is patient and understanding, and very personable! The girls at the front are also amazing. I can't see myself going anywhere else. - E.S.

I love this business and the great people who work here. At 36 I was having infertility issues and the practitioners at Triangle Acupuncture were extremely understanding and helpful. They treated me as a whole person and analyzed my entire lifestyle to help my body get back on track. I am absolutely convinced that regular acupuncture treatments plus supplements and a special diet all contributed to the fact that I finally conceived, had a comfortable pregnancy and have a 7 month old healthy and happy son today. I can't say "thank you" enough! - K.K.

Dr. Bethany Hauch is a godsend. She is positive, knowledgeable, friendly and compassionate. Having moved away from pain meds, she has made a tremendous difference in my pain management. Thank you Dr. Hauch! - J.S.

My experience at TA was exactly what I was looking for: I had weekly sessions with Patrick during my last month of pregnancy to help ensure an "on-time" delivery. I was successful in being able to have a natural birth and avoiding induction! In addition, Patrick volunteered some really helpful information on acupressure that my husband could apply during and before labor, as well as post-partum diet to help with recovery. - S.B.

HIGHLY recommend Triangle Acupuncture clinic. I see Patrick and from our first appointment I was in awe of his attention to detail. I struggled with my issue for 1.5 years, and saw 2 other acupuncturists in the triangle area before coming to triangle acupunture. On the first appointment Patrick diagnosed the problem and I quickly started to see and feel signs of improvement. I’m really in awe and am so grateful! - V.M.

I am always grateful for the treatments that I receive. The staff is warm, competent, accommodating and friendly. Every time I leave amazed at how much better I feel. - L.B.

I first came to Triangle Acupuncture with back/shoulder problems that were not helped through physical therapy or cortisone shots. After just three or four sessions there was/has been huge improvements. I can go months at at time without being in pain and when my shoulder flares up it usually takes one or two sessions to "fix" it. The people are friendly and caring and kind. They deal with you as a whole person and listen well. I have no idea how, or why acupuncture works - but it does and I love it!. - L.P.

I’ve been receiving acupuncture treatments at Triangle Acupuncture Clinic for the past year to help relieve side effects of chemotherapy treatment for cancer. During my first appointment and with the insertion of the very first needle, I was shocked to discover how effectively acupuncture immediately relieved my feelings of extreme anxiety. At that moment I was hooked. Over the past year, not only has it helped relieve the side effects of chemotherapy but acupuncture helped me quickly rebound after two cancer-related surgeries; relieved sinus pressure and incredibly, brought an immediate end to my nightly 4 trips to the bathroom. I am elated to have practically breezed through a year of cancer treatment full of energy and with no problems or illness. Even more, I love my new sense of calm as I now handle daily stressors with ease. The effects of acupuncture on my anxiety and nervousness have been increasingly long term. I’m a new person thanks to acupuncture. I send a heartfelt “Thank You” to all the acupuncturists at Triangle Acupuncture. -- D.P.

In addition to pain relief, after a regular schedule of acupuncture treatments my entire health has greatly improved. -- E.F.

At Triangle Acupuncture Clinic, I always leave feeling better than when I walked in! -- A.M.

During both of my pregnancies, I lived for my acupuncture sessions. At first to control the horrible nausea and then later to ease the discomfort of my changing body. By the end, my acupuncture appointments were the only place where I could get a truly restful nap! -- A.S.

Nobody would imagine that needles can be relaxing until you’ve tried acupuncture. -- anonymous

During the incredible stress of my 4th, and last, IVF cycle I began acupuncture treatments at Triangle Acupuncture Clinic. The relaxation I felt was immediate and transformed the feelings of absolute pressure and anxiety into a much more comfortable state of confidence and peace. I wish I had used acupuncture with my prior cycles! -- K.G.

Struggling with infertility issues is a very isolating experience. Katherine and the practitioners at Triangle Acupuncture Clinic helped me refocus my energy on healthy and easy changes to make that really influenced my last IVF cycle in a positive way. I couldn’t imagine life without my son and I thank them very much for their care during such a difficult time. -- anonymous

Triangle Acupuncture has made a tremendous difference in my life. When I started my treatments I was in pain just walking across a room. Now I am feeling much better. I can travel again, walk the mall, do the flea market and the farmers market. I am forever grateful for their time, talent and personal care. What a wonderful difference acupuncture has made in my life! -- P.L.

During the incredible stress of my 4th, and last, IVF cycle I began acupuncture treatments at Triangle Acupuncture Clinic. The relaxation I felt was immediate and transformed the feelings of absolute pressure and anxiety into a much more comfortable state of confidence and peace. I wish I had used acupuncture with my prior cycles!