Allergy Relief for You!

You can practically taste it there is so much tree pollen in the air here in central North Carolina.  If you are not one of the lucky few who slides through spring without suffering from allergies, we're here to help!  Our herbal options really make a huge difference in how you feel day-to-day, and can be used in place of or in combination with your regular allergy meds to give you that extra relief.  Acupuncture also does wonders for opening up your sinuses, clearing headaches, and regulating your immune system!    

Just in time for spring, we've set up a cafe-style tea station in our Raleigh lobby where you can purchase herbal formulas that have already been cooked and are ready to go!  We are currently featuring our Allergy Tea, and it contains a blend of herbs that tackles the congestion, itchiness, and headache that comes with all the different types of pollen.  You can try a cup to go or purchase a mason jar sized to last you for several days.  We are also packaging the herbal blend for you to take home and cook yourself which will be available in both locations!   

We also have different versions of herbal formulas in pill form that work wonders on your allergy symptoms.  One of our most popular immune modulating formulas that works great for allergies is Yu Ping Feng San.  We also have a formula, Xanthium Relieve Surface, which focuses more on post nasal drip and itchy-type symptoms.  Ask one of our practitioners for help picking out the formula that is right for you!

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