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Patients ask us all the time for suggestions on products, books, and other stuff we like. As acupunturists and herbalists, we have to keep abreast of all things alternative-health. We read about supplements, nutrition, home and skin care products, meditation techniques, and more and more and more! In this newsletter article, we've compiled a list of some of our favorite sites for the things we love to read about, learn about, and buy.

From Tory Wegner....


This is a website that focuses on positive ways to "eat, move, live, breath and love."  They have daily motivational posts and keep up with current health and eating trends along with yummy smoothie recipes.

From Kolleen Mitchell....


The above offers super clean products at realistic prices for the whole family and household. 


Plant based diets are the way of the future in sustainable and anti-inflammatory nutrition and as I personally move this way this site is very informative!


The EWG is an invaluable consumer resource and as apparent I am constantly trying to keep on top of the cleanest options for my family to keep from chemical exposures in our chemical rich world.


I love Mommypotamus for wonderful natural parenting information as well as recipes and intriguing perspective articles.

From Toby Helmstetter....


If you're interested in how to care for your mouth and gums and overall health naturally, this site has all the answers! Well-researched articles on everything from how to brush to what products are best in your toothpaste, plus a great essential oil product to add to your daily tooth-brushing regimen.


Good reads to inspire, challenge, and open our minds. Helpful, thoughful, and beautiful interviews and articles from some of the world's most brilliant people.

From Katherine Rowe....


Unleash your Eco-Martha Stewart!  This website is the best source for how to do everything the natural way.  I refer to it when making homemade body care products and homemade household cleaners.  It is a comprehensive collection of those basic necessities and the recipes are inexpensive, natural and easy.


This webpage--the computer one, not as much her mobile site--has a lot of info for pregnant women on using acupuncture and acupressure during pregnancy.  She even has an app you can buy in iTunes for the partner to use during labor for providing effective acupressure.  I suggest it all the time and also have the local midwives referring to it.

What are some of your favorite sites? Share them with us!

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