Acupuncture for Optimal Fertility and Pregnancy

Welcome to our Fertility Wellness Program!  Our Main Goals for you during an infertility journey are…

  • Stress Reduction – Acupuncture’s secret weapon is to “reset” the nervous system so you can finally feel relaxed and get back to your baseline stress response.
  • Increase Blood Flow to the Ovaries and Uterus – whether you’re working on egg quality or the optimal endometrial lining, specific acupuncture point protocols can help get you there.
  • Reduce Miscarriage Risk – when the cause for miscarriage isn’t identified, acupuncture can reduce anxiety, and help you keep eating and sleeping well to support optimal fertility and early pregnancy.
  • Regulate the Menstrual Cycle – acupuncture is a tool for helping regulate the hormones in charge of strong follicle growth and ovulation, as well as relieving unwanted symptoms like PMS, heavy bleeding and pain with periods. 
  • Embryo Transfer Acupuncture – for decades many studies have shown acupuncture to have a positive effect on live birth rates when treatments are given before and after the embryo is transferred during IVF.    

At Triangle Acupuncture Clinic we have a team of acupuncturists who specialize in using acupuncture and herbal medicine to enhance your natural fertility. We also work closely with doctors in the Triangle integrating acupuncture with medical interventions such as Clomid, IUI and IVF cycles.  We do on-site embryo transfer treatments by appointment at Atlantic Reproductive Medicine Specialists and Duke Fertility Center. Our Raleigh clinic is conveniently located one block down the street from Carolina Conceptions on Lake Boone Trail so we can easily accommodate acupuncture before and after your transfer any day of the week in our office.

The essence of our Fertility Wellness Program is to take a closer look at the body from a holistic perspective and help correct any imbalances that may be contributing to fertility problems. Our mission is to help enhance your fertility so that you can conceive naturally or increase your success rates if doing assisted therapies. Below is a list of the common types of fertility patients we work closely with:

  • PCOS & Ovulatory Dysfunction
  • High FSH/ Low AMH/ "Poor Responder"
  • Unexplained
  • Endometriosis & Cysts
  • Male Infertility - Low count, low motility, poor morphology
  • Donors and Gestational Surrogates
  • Couples who have exhausted ART options

The reproductive system works much like a concert symphony — a masterpiece is created only if all the players are giving their best. Women may have clues that their periods are not healthy; they may have lots of PMS symptoms or pain, heavy bleeding or irregular cycles. The first step of the fertility wellness program is to educate women on the details of their menstrual cycles — to help them interpret BBT charts, identify cervical fluid, understand how the hormones interplay and work to create an optimal fertile environment. Then we use the tools within the fertility wellness program to attain better balance. These are:

  • Acupuncture
  • Relaxation and stress reduction tools
  • Exercise and Diet modifications
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine
  • Lifestyle suggestions to promote better health in general

Why Use Triangle Acupuncture Clinic for Infertility Concerns?

Our specialized training and decades of experience as fertility acupuncturists reflects our passion for helping couples build healthy families.   We know that acupuncture offers a natural method of enhancing the quality of eggs, endometrial lining and hormone balance.  This is important not only for natural cycles but even more so in preparation for expensive fertility treatments like IUI & IVF.  Our expertise is a valuable addition to your journey when trying to conceive naturally, when trying to minimize miscarriage risk, and when going through all types of infertility treatments.  The current research points to increased pregnancy rates when couples include acupuncture as part of their infertility care.  Our combined years of experience working with couples bears this out to be true.  Come let acupuncture help your relax while we work on enhancing your fertility!