Acupuncture and PCOS

PCOS can be well-managed naturally throughout the stages of your life, including trying to conceive.  We are always here to offer guidance and support!  First, it’s helpful to understand that PCOS is partially genetic, meaning that you were born with the syndrome.  Certain lifestyle and environmental factors act like triggers and can make the symptoms worse but those are largely within your control.  This means that you really are in charge!  Here are some of the main lifestyle and environmental factors to tackle first:

Sleep – sleep is #1 on the list of things you can do to improve PCOS symptoms.  We know that fewer cycles of REM sleep can lead to significant hypomethylation of DNA (more negative edits to DNA).  With PCOS it’s very important to avoid any further changes to the genetics that have led to this issue in the first place!  Get to bed well before midnight – aim for 10pm and optimize your sleep environment by keeping the temperature cool and the room dark.  Try taking 3-5mg of Melatonin if you have trouble getting your internal clock set to fall asleep at 10pm. 


Nutrition – the key is to find a long-term eating routine that works best for you.  Since keeping your blood sugar and insulin balanced is key, you will want to commit to minimizing snacking, sugar and processed foods.  For most women, this means for each meal eating roughly:

  • 25 grams of lean protein
  • 2-3 cups of nonstarchy veggies
  • and a dose of healthy fats whether it’s ½ cup nuts, seeds, or avocado or 1-2Tbsp of olive, avocado, or coconut oil 

**You CAN have some complex carbs each day – just follow the low GI list and find the ones that work for you. 


Exercise – Getting some daily cardio and increasing your muscle mass has direct benefit to your metabolism and reducing insulin resistance.  The key here is to not overdo it – about 20-30 minutes of cardio is the max, more than that can have negative hormonal effects and increase inflammation.  Short HIIT workouts or 30 minutes of an activity you love is the sweet spot for exercise.  In addition to the cardio, it’s great to add in some light weight training a couple times/week.  The increased muscle mass is helpful for your glucose/insulin balance but again – don’t overdo it.  Too much muscle breakdown is inflammatory and can send the wrong signals. 



There is well documented clinical evidence that taking 2g of Myo-Inositol each day modulates the metabolic and reproductive systems in women with PCOS. Specifically, it improves the number of good quality eggs, improves insulin sensitivity, regulates ovulation, lowers testosterone, and increases not only pregnancy rates but also delivery rates in women with PCOS. This includes all women with PCOS regardless of if they have insulin resistance or not. When continued during pregnancy it may also be helpful in preventing gestational diabetes. 


Vitamin D   

Vitamin D is tied to PCOS and symptom severity and taking Vitamin D can help improve ovarian reserves, AMH levels, and follicle health even if you are not Vitamin D deficient.  Dose = minimum 2,000 IU/day for everyone, if your levels are deficient you may need up to 10,000 IU/day.


Chinese Herbs

The Chinese Herbal Pharmacy is an excellent source of plant based medicines for PCOS.  We have multiple formulas that aid in hormone regulation and support timely ovulation to improve your chances of trying to conceive.  These formulas are chosen to specifically match your individual symptoms and work best when taken at the correct dosage. 


There are many other Supplements that may be right for your PCOS, depending on your constellation of symptoms and menstrual cycle specifics.  Call us to schedule a consultation and acupuncture treatment in either our Raleigh clinic, 919-854-7311 or our Chapel Hill clinic, 919-933-4480.  Let’s Get Started! 

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