Acupuncture for Upper Back and Neck Pain

Is there anyone left out there that doesn’t have upper back and neck tension?  After a year of trying to work at home, craning our heads trying to see our laptop screens or better yet – pretending we can work on the couch or in bed comfortably only to find you can’t turn your head when you get up.  All that is to say – we have been treating A LOT of upper back tension and pain.  In both our Raleigh and Chapel Hill clinic locations, no matter what your chief reason for coming in happens to be, we’re likely also putting in acupuncture points for your neck, shoulder, and back pain

Acupuncture points release the muscles along your thoracic and cervical spine as well as those big trigger points that ball up along your traps and shoulder blades.  Acupuncture works because it decreases inflammation and swelling while relaxing muscle spasms.  The best part about acupuncture is that it also raises your endorphin levels and diminishes the nervous system’s pain response giving you long-term relief from pain.  This also results in you feeling very relaxed and much less irritable.     

If any of this sounds like you – get yourself in for acupuncture!  We can always help make your pain symptoms better.  We have acupuncturists that specialize in treating pain in both our Raleigh and Chapel Hill clinic locations. 

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