Become an Acupuncture Ambassador Today!!!

Do you want more insurance coverage for acupuncture?
Do you think Medicare/Medicaid should cover acupuncture?
Would you like to see Acupuncturists working in hospitals?
Does our healthcare system need more coordination with Complementary and Alternative Medicine?  

A new program launched by the North Carolina Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCAAOM) is going to directly tackle these issues.

By joining the Acupuncture Ambassadors, you add your name to the organization and help to grow our numbers. In the last year the NCAAOM has been politically active to protect acupuncture’s role in healthcare in North Carolina.  These efforts are not only expensive, but we have found that we need to demonstrate a public demand for our services to the legislators as well.  For just $25, becoming an Acupuncture Ambassador helps us raise the money we need to keep moving these issues forward and show that a large cohort of the public wants to have acupuncture more available to them, not less.  

In addition, there are many other avenues you can take to show your support for acupuncture in the political arena.  

  • First and most easy is to write a letter of testimony on how acupuncture has helped you and email it to  
  • Join us on October 29th for the first Walk for Acupuncture 5K or sponsor us here.  TAC is trying to raise over $500 so please lend any support you can!
  • Take any chance you have to talk to your legislators about acupuncture and how much the care means to you.  
  • Ask your Human Resources department for health insurance options that cover acupuncture.  

Visit the website to learn more and join today!  We really appreciate your support and promise to do everything we can to keep acupuncture a thriving part of our healthcare system.  

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