It’s Finally 2021!

It’s finally 2021!  Sure there are still mega-stressors to contend with.  But even in very hard times and deep suffering, the principles of Yin and Yang teach us that you always have some light within the dark and we are always transforming.   This is why we are optimistically looking forward to 2021 as the year of resilience. 

“Resilience:  The ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity.”  

How stretchy are you feeling right now?  Instead of resolutions this January, let’s focus on strengthening the habits that are making us feel good – in mind and body.  Grow your self-love muscles to build that elasticity.  This might mean making changes to your diet that still leave room for your favorite foods in moderation or committing to daily exercise but dropping the weight loss goal.  If you need inspiration, our staff is sharing their tips on our Instagram page this month on how we are staying well, defeating stress and boosting our immune systems.   

Let’s master this – like a rubber band, we are not going to break.  2021 is the year to rally against whatever stress comes our way.  We are always here for you!

From our hearts to yours,

Katherine, Chris and the Entire Staff at TAC

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