Pelvic Pain and Painful Periods

Painful periods (also known as dysmenorrhea) and chronic pelvic pain are common conditions we see every day at Triangle Acupuncture Clinic.  We improve symptoms for moderate-severe pain with the period as well as more complex issues such as tight pelvic floor muscles and pain with intercourse.   The acupuncture helps to relax muscle spasm and causes changes in the central nervous system that decrease the level of perceived pain in chronic pain patients. 


A study in 2008 showed that participants had a substantial reduction in the use of NSAIDs as a consequence of pain control by acupuncture.  The study also showed the significant pain control during the menstrual period was maintained up to 6 months in 50% of the cases, confirming that acupuncture obtains more than just a temporary symptomatic effect. 


In our clinic, treatment is generally once/week or every other week for three months.  With primary dysmenorrhea we need the patients to schedule treatment the week before they expect their period.  Results tend to last for over a year, many continue to come for acupuncture once/month to maintain the benefit.  Patients love the acupuncture as it is very relaxing, and we work on other lifestyle and diet factors that promote feeling healthy and great.

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