Welcome Patrick!

Our team of acupuncturists is growing again!  We are thrilled to share the news that Patrick Marron is joining the team at Triangle Acupuncture Clinic!  He will have hours in both our Raleigh and Chapel Hill offices starting May 1.  We couldn't feel luckier having found such a wonderful person and acupuncturist, we know you'll love him too!  To read a short interview with him read on:

Kim: Where are your roots? What brings you to NC?

Patrick: I grew up outside Annapolis Maryland. After being away from the East Coast for 6 years, I was eager to move back closer to family and be near mountains and the ocean again. NC was an easy choice!

Kim: Why did you choose to pursue acupuncture?

Patrick: After being in the massage therapy field for a few years, I knew I was excited to partner with people to improve their health and wanted to find additional ways to do that. I began exploring other parts of the health field. At one point during a particularly stressful period in my life, I decided to try out acupuncture. After a few sessions, I noticed that even though I didn't know how or why it worked, I found my anxiety was remarkably improved and things just seemed to happen easier in my life. From then on I was hooked and wanted to share that with others.

Kim: What are your top 5 favorite things?


1) Nature

2) Netflix

3) Good Food

4) Comedy shows (especially improv) 

5) Travel


Kim: What do you do to stay healthy?

Patrick: I like to get a box of organic vegetables from a local farm on a weekly basis which has been a great way to eat a variety of foods pretty consistently. Without this, I would probably eat the same vegetable at every meal for the rest of my life. 😊 

Kim: What's the one thing you wish each of your patients knew?

Patrick: It can be easy to feel like everything needs to be perfect in order to reach a health goal. Genuine effort over time really does create change and it doesn't take perfection.

Kim: How would you describe your treatment philosophy and style?

Patrick: I'm very practical and results driven. As I work with patients, I like to help brainstorm with them what health habits realistically makes sense to add into their already busy life and start from there. Adding some key health habits to regular acupuncture visits can usually help reach the goal a little faster.

Kim: Fertility is a big part of your practice. What draws you to that specialty? 

Patrick: While many people struggle with fertility, it can be very isolating at times. I really enjoy not only seeing the strong impact chinese medicine can have on fertility but also creating a safe space for patient to talk about their experiences along their journey. 

Kim: Who have been some of your best teachers, in personal and professional life?

Patrick: There is a variety of people I have looked up to in my life. The common thread among all of them is that they approach the world with kindness, compassion, humility, humor, and a strong work ethic. 


Here are what just a few of his patients have to say:

"I couldn't be more grateful for my experience working with Patrick and receiving Chinese medicine. Patrick is knowledgeable and professional while empathetic and caring. After going through the pain of losing a pregnancy, Patrick made me feel so comfortable & taken care of. He was able to get my body right back on track with pain free, regular menstrual cycles and shortly after, the success of a healthy pregnancy. Now, 15 weeks along I am enjoying this pregnancy with no excessive nausea or fatigue. Thank you Patrick for your positivity and dedication to your work. It has truly changed my life."

-Patient: C.O.


"Going through IVF was a stressful and scary time in my life.  I was full of questions that ranged from legitimate health questions to the downright ridiculous and embarrassing, all in the hopes of understanding my body better.  Patrick Marron walked patiently and compassionately with me through my IVF journey.  He would actively listen to my worries, concerns, and questions and was extensively knowledgeable about the body and fertility.  I knew I could trust Patrick to always do what was best for me to reach our goal of conceiving.  I did reach my goal and I am currently pregnant with twins!  In addition to being pregnant,  I feel healthier than ever and I am confident that having a knowledgeable acupuncturist played a vital role in my overall health.


Even after our acupuncture journey ended (because we were no longer in the same city), I would still seek Patrick's guidance.  And, because Patrick cares so much about his patients, he consistently checks in on me as I am entering my 3rd trimester."

-Patient: D.B.


"Patrick is 'the other guy' who got me pregnant. When my husband and I decided to start trying for our first child, I wanted do everything I could to have a healthy pregnancy. Coincidentally, when I went in for my first treatment with Patrick, I was having an early miscarriage. He treated me with so much empathy and helped to quell my fears and anxieties through that loss. Every single visit, I was reminded that Patrick has much more experience with pregnancy than I do, and his calm reassurance got me through every step. My periods had always been like clockwork, until I had an IUD. After sixty days of working with Patrick on a regimen of acupuncture and Chinese herbs, I was back to my 28-day cycles. After four months, I was successfully pregnant! I can't recommend Patrick enough. His expertise and guidance has been invaluable to me."

-Patient: E.M.


"As a clinician Patrick is outstanding and unmatched in my mind! He is so personable, compassionate, knowledgeable, and efficient. He gets remarkable results with a very reasonable and manageable treatment plan. He is the best listener and so passionate about his work.  Patrick would take my questions and health topics of interest and not only address them with his phenomenal  knowledge but also research them further and go above and beyond at our next visit to provide resources for me, some of which were even books from his personal library. He is so kind, gentle and forgiving, and without a doubt would always ease my worries and calm my emotions.  He as a clinician, person and expert in Chinese medicine was so instrumental and crucial to my health puzzle. Because of his superb care and treatment I was able to overcome and effectively manage several aspects of deficient health issues, including lifestyle changes that Patrick coached and guided me on for diet, sleep and stress management to disease healing with Chinese medicine for my conditions of autoimmune disorder, headaches, back pain, thyroid dysfunction, allergies, asthma and sinus infections to the biggest one for me fertility.


After 3 years of western medicine approaches only with no success with fertility, with the addition of Patrick's care I am happy to state I am 5 months pregnant. Under his care I have more energy, am the healthiest I have ever been and can respond and react to stress calmly. Not only do I feel the best I ever have due to Patrick's care, support and motivation, but because of his education I also have a new found understanding of my health and positive attitude long-term for.my health.  I highly recommend Patrick to my dear friends and family for everything from headaches to allergies and adrenal issues. I  am forever thankful to Patrick and the life changing care he provided to me and extended to my family."

-Patient B.R.

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