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We experience many different symptoms that may not pertain to a certain disease category or by themselves indicate a pathological issue. Insomnia, stress and emotional eating are examples. These subtle manifestations can be a signal that something more serious may be brewing and it is wise to seek preventative care. Acupuncture has much to offer conditions that are possibly not severe enough to be addressed by western medicine. In fact, Chinese medicine excels at disease prevention. Keeping your body systems healthy so that you can get good sleep, maintain a healthy weight and live a happy, addiction-free life will go along way to preventing many common health concerns.

The National Institute of Health supports this idea and has established acupuncture as effective in treating over 26 disease categories. Chinese medicine has been shown to successfully treat conditions ranging from back pain to PMS, high blood pressure to psoriasis, bronchitis to arthritis, diabetes to asthma, depression to insomnia and the list goes on. You might be surprised that the health issue you are dealing with can be effectively treated through acupuncture.