Happy Year of the Dog!

We are excited to be welcoming the Chinese Lunar Year of the Dog this February.   It couldn’t have come at a better time as the Dog stands for honesty, compassion, reliability and justice.  In the spirit of the Dog this year, may we pledge to put increased attention on the less fortunate (the underdog).   

The down side of Dog energy is that it can be anxious, curious and noisy which are all natural responses to the world at certain times.  It is in a Dog’s nature to react loudly when it feels threatened or excited.   

This Lunar New Year should be playful and fun while at other times bring out our fierce loyalty toward our family, friends and causes we care so much about.  Dogs are selfless and brave and like to work in teams.  You are lucky to be born in the year of the dog or to have a companion who was.   

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