Ear Seeding Kits Now Available!

The ear is not the first place you consider when imagining where your acupuncturist is going to place points during your treatment.  However, the ear holds over 100 points that can treat everything from specific areas of pain to addiction to insomnia to anxiety and beyond.  It's possible because of the ear anatomy and its combination of multiple cranial nerve endings and high vascularization.  The ear points are tiny but strong and they illicit direct messages from the central nervous system.  These effects can include reducing pain, promoting a profound sense of calm, and reducing impulsivity so that you can free yourself from addictions whether they be drugs, alcohol or food.  

There are particular sets of ear points that help achieve different goals.  Sometimes one point is all you need, and sometimes it's five per ear.  When we use ear points in the clinic, the needles are extremely tiny and can sometimes feel like a quick little pinch but that resolves quickly and then the relaxation begins.  Ear seeds are little seeds attached to band-aid type material and they stick to the ear points.  When you press on the seeds, they will stimulate the points again and give you access to continuing your treatment at home.  The ear seeds will stick for up to a week and allow you to use ear acupressure several times a day!   

Ear Seeding Kits are for Sale!

Ear seeding kits are now available for purchase with the stress of the holidays in mind!  Seasonal Depression and Holiday Anxiety can get to us all.  We've put together our own ear seed kits designed to help alleviate some of the stressors that come with this time of year.  Stop by the front desk to pick yours up!  Kits are available for aiding with Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia, Cravings, and Headaches.   

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