Infertility Treatments like IVF and IUI and Acupuncture’s Role

When struggling to conceive, sometimes there is a clear-cut diagnosis for infertility and sometimes it is completely unexplained.  Seeking the help of a Reproductive Endocrinologist is critical in exploring all the potential obstacles and what treatment options exist.  If you find yourself embarking on the path of letrozole cycles, IUI cycles, IVF or a donor cycle, it is more important than ever to also take a holistic approach to making sure you are in your prime fertility health.    

At Triangle Acupuncture we have a team of acupuncturists who have specialized training in working with infertility and many years of experience in working closely with the fertility clinics here in the NC Triangle region.  Together with the research that has been ongoing since the early 2000’s, we find that acupuncture may improve IVF outcomes by optimizing blood flow to the ovaries and uterus, reducing uterine cramping, modulating immune factors such as cytokines, and reducing emotional stress. 

In addition to an acupuncture treatment, at our first consult we go through a complete check of systems to get the big picture of how your mind and body are performing on a daily basis.  Digestive health, sleep, anxiety, and exercise patterns can all play a role in how well your reproductive system is able to accomplish its mission. 

Depending on your diagnosis and current treatment schedule, we often recommend supplements and Chinese Herbs to enhance your fertility naturally.  We regularly see women struggling with PCOS, egg quality concerns, recurrent miscarriage, endometriosis, and short luteal phase and have excellent results with both acupuncture and diet/lifestyle suggestions. 

Acupuncture treatment for fertility usually occurs weekly, sometimes twice/week if needed.  We also provide acupuncture during IVF on the day of embryo transfer immediately before and after your transfer time.  With offices in Raleigh and Chapel Hill, we can accommodate transfer treatments easily and we can also come with you to do transfer treatments on site if your fertility clinic allows. 

The most underrated side effect of acupuncture is the relaxation benefits!  Reducing sympathetic nervous system activity has a cascade of benefits for hormone balance.  It is the one appointment you will look forward to as it leaves you feeling peaceful and balanced. 

Please reach out to us in Raleigh at 919-854-7311 or Chapel Hill at 919-933-4480 with questions or to schedule. 


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