Tips for Estrogen Detox - Part 3

Body Care Products

Body creams and lotions that we rub into our skin can contain high amounts of xenoextrogens. The big problem is that many of these estrogenic chemicals are introduced topically and go right into our bloodstream, and on into our tissues and organs.  There are three major chemical groups to avoid in lotions, household products and sunscreens.  The first is the category of preservatives found in body care products known as methyl-, ethyl-, butyl- and propylparaben.  You may notice many lotions say "paraben-free" on their labels now, this is a good thing.  Second is phthalates, these chemicals make lotions and household products smell good.  Pthalates are found in everything from body lotions to laundry detergents and cleaning products as well as air fresheners. Third are the chemicals commonly found in sunscreens, PABA and 4-MBC.  These are also highly estrogenic and we usually rub them over most of our body surface area giving us a big dose of extra estrogen.  Here's what you can do:


·      Read the labels on all body care products that you purchase. Avoid parabens, phthalates, PABA and 4-MBC. 

·      Don’t use air fresheners or cleaning products with artificial scents.  Try an essential oil diffuser instead – these fragrances are plant derived and nontoxic.  

·      Visit the website to learn more about which brands of body care products, foods and household cleaners are safest. 


Adopting these few changes can make a huge difference in your hormonal wellbeing.  Getting rid of these extra chemicals has profound effects on women who suffer from severe pain with their periods, to couples struggling to have a baby, to girls who are entering puberty at younger and younger ages and to the millions of women battling breast and cervical cancer in the world today. We do not deserve to be made sick by the food and products we buy. You can make educated choices when shopping to decrease the amount of estrogen in your body and our environment!

Go to www.ewg.orgto see the Environmental Working Group’s lists of healthy products and searchable database of skin care and cosmetics.  They also have an app you can put on your phone for easy access at the store. 

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