Toby Helmstetter practices the art of acupuncture with great skill and an ability to see more of what the patient needs than just the original reason for the visit. She treated all of me and did so superbly.

I came to Toby feeling physically and emotionally exhausted. Her acupuncture and herbal remedies helped to restore my health and energy. She is a wonderful healer and I highly recommend her.

Toby is a wonderful, kind and compassionate healer. Her gentle sprit and intuitive approach facilitated a rapid emotional and physical healing. I had no idea that not only my puffy eyes and fatigued skin would take on a brighter and tighter appearance but that I would also be able to have an emotional clearing from past traumas and events. I would highly recommend Toby to anyone! She has helped give me an increased balance, wholeness and fulfillment that I was having trouble with trying to attain on my own.

After a traditional medical approach was unable to diagnose or help me with the protracted and profound lethargy that I was experiencing, I sought out Triangle Acupuncture. After only 3 acupuncture treatments, I began to regain my physical energy and within 6 weeks I felt fully re-charged! In addition to treating my energy depletion, Toby also worked on rejuvenating my face. After 12 treatments, I feel that my face and neck are more attractive. The constant red-flushing of my face and neck has toned down dramatically, the wrinkles around my neck, mouth and eyes have relaxed significantly and the skin under my chin and face is much better toned. The results are subtle, not "face-lift radical". I do feel prettier and I have not suffered any negative side effects in the process. The process, in fact, has been very enjoyable. While the insertion of some of the fine needles sometimes hurt momentarily, I would always fall asleep during the session and awake to a wonderful facial or foot massage. Acupuncturist Toby Helmstetter is delightful, empathetic, intelligent and highly skilled. She listens well and is very resourceful. During our weeks together, I came in with a variety of ills (including a very painful pulled muscle, plantar fascitis and incessant clearing of my throat.) In each case, I left Toby's office feeling tremendous relief and the symptoms disappeared soon after. I had received acupuncture several times before I moved to Chapel Hill, but Toby's treatments were the most successful I have experienced. At her suggestion, I also took Chinese herbs, which I found to be very helpful in the process. Some of my friends have encountered Toby's healing methods and have been thrilled. I recommend Toby Helmstetter and Triangle Acupuncture Clinic with great enthusiasm and gratitude.