Nutrition Basics

Remember that old expression, “You are what you eat”? Well, when thinking about your fertility it should really say, “You and your baby are what you eat”. Even now just as a tiny little egg, its health is in jeopardy if you take poor care of yourself. In our Fertility Wellness Program at Triangle Acupuncture Clinic we put special emphasis on eating well and try to spell out what that really means for you in detail. Each patient gets a dietary review and suggestions on how to boost their fertility and overall digestive health.

A general rule of thumb when thinking about diet is to go for foods that are low on the glycemic index. What does this mean? It means eliminate foods that your body easily converts to sugars, so that your blood sugar and insulin levels remain stable. By eating foods high in protein, fiber, good fats and complex carbs, your hormones are more balanced and you are less likely to have ovulation issues. This means absolutely no sugary drinks. You can find thousands of glycemic index lists online to find out where your favorite foods rate. Simple modifications can usually be the answer such as switching from short grain white rice to long grain. Eating low on the glycemic index is guaranteed to make you feel better and have more energy, improving your health all around.