Chinese Herbs for Fertility

Fertility herbs are usually prescribed with the phases of the menstrual cycle in mind. For one person this may mean taking 4 different formulas in one month and in another person it could be one formula the whole month long. Your practitioner will indicate to you which is the case for you and please follow the directions carefully to get the best results.

Preparing Your Herbs

Tincture We carry a high quality line of herbal formulas specifically designed for infertility called Conceivable.  These tinctures are very concentrated blends of herbs that allow you to take just a dropperful 2-3 times per day.  Since they travel easily in your purse, your herbs are simple to keep up with.  

Tea The instructions below are for the granule-type herbal formulas that are meant to be brewed into a tea. Your herbs should come with a label instructing you on your dosage and frequency. The small spoon you receive is roughly equal to 1 gram. Most herbs have an earthy taste and you can add something like fresh squeezed lemon or a tiny bit of juice to the herbs if necessary. More adventuresome combining does not usually turn out so well. The first time you drink the tea the taste may bother you a bit, but you will quickly get used to the new flavors and most people even grow to like them!

  • Add the specified number of grams to a mug.
  • Pour 1 or more cups of boiled water over the herb powder, stir and drink like tea. Your practitioner will indicate whether you should take the tea before or after meals. 

Pills Your acupuncturist should indicate how many and how often to take pill form of herbs and whether you should consume them with food.

Herb Safety

The question of Herb safety is one we understand that every patient has, and one that we take very seriously. In general, herbs prescribed by a licensed practitioner are relatively safe and cause no or minimal side effects. We utilize all different types of herbs, for example some are strengthening and nourishing for the digestive system while others are quite strong at killing viral and bacterial infections. When prescribed in the correct dose and in the right combinations, Chinese herbs are both strong and safe for the patient.

Our herbal inventory is extensive and we reorder products every 2 weeks to maintain freshness and ensure effectiveness. Each practitioner at TAC has been licensed in Chinese Herbal Medicine as part of their Master’s degree training. All of the herbal products we sell at TAC are GMP certified which is the highest standard for herbs and supplements in the United States. Our more concentrated herb granules that patients prepare as tea come from KPC, a company in Taiwan with rigorous quality control. Each batch of herbs is intensively examined for pesticides and heavy metals so that we can provide you with the purest and most effective form of Chinese Herbal Medicine. If you ever have any questions about herb safety, do not hesitate to ask your practitioner.