Acupuncture for Concerns During Pregnancy is Safe and Very Effective!  Here are the most common discomforts we help with and you can read more about each by clicking the lefthand menu:

  • Nausea - whether your feel queasy in the morning, evening, or every second of the day, acupuncture is very successful at relieving nausea and helping you expand your eating window!
  • Anxiety - early pregnancy isn't always easy or without worry and acupuncture is a great tool for reducing anxiety quickly
  • Back and Hip Pain - if you struggle with back pain or soreness while pregnant, acupuncture is a superb non-pharmacological treatment and resolves most pain fast! 
  • Breech - acupuncture and moxibustion can help stimulate the baby to move into the head-down position in third trimester
  • Labor Promotion - a series of once/week acupuncture beginning at 36 weeks is a great way to ensure you won't go over your due date and need an induction

Pregnancy is a very special time for women that can also present some unwelcome physical and emotional challenges. It is often very overwhelming to experience the many changes in your body and confusing as to how to best take care of yourself nutritionally and medically. Many of the options such as over-the-counter medicines, some forms of exercise, and many prescription drugs are no longer available and women turn to alternatives like acupuncture for natural help for many common pregnancy discomforts. Our goal is to help your pregnancy become the joyful and exciting experience you dreamed it would be!

***Science has very carefully evaluated the safety of acupuncture during pregnancy and found it to have no negative side effects to the mother or the baby. With this assurance, many institutions are currently completing studies in the many different applications of acupuncture during pregnancy. Our very own University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill is conducting a study on the benefits of using acupuncture to induce labor. Women should feel very confident in utilizing a form of medicine that has been helping women during pregnancy for more than 3,000 years.