Acupuncture for Aging Gracefully

Getting older happens. Whether you’re staring down your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s or beyond, we believe it is always important to cultivate wellness.  We find that many of our patients continue to stay well by incorporating acupuncture and herbal medicine  along their life journey.  It isn’t uncommon for us to treat someone for a couple of months and then see them back in a year for something completely different.  We are always here for you, no matter what challenges life throws your way! Do you identify with these age-related conditions we see most often?


Pain -

Are you hitting mid-life and deciding to train for a half or full marathon?  Or, are you 50+ and keeping active but nagged by aches and pains?  Acupuncture once/monthly as part of your training will keep your joints, tendons and muscles healthy as you turn up the heat.  Should you develop any injuries that prevent you from reaching exercise milestones, we have the best acupuncture pain specialists in town.   

Digestion -

As you age are you discovering that certain foods make you feel inflamed or result in unwanted digestive woes?  Having to give up food groups like dairy and gluten can be helpful in the short-term but nobody wants a strict and limited diet for the rest of their life.  There are many ways acupuncture and herbal medicine can reclaim your digestion and get you back to eating the healthy foods you love – in moderation of course.  

Sleep –

Sleep is the all-important anti-aging tool.  It is very common to find that you can’t get a solid night’s sleep as you get older. For women, menopause often equals poorer sleep quality.  For men, stress and pain often keep them up.  We always work on the underlying problem that is keeping you awake whether it is hot flashes or joint pain.  If there is just plain old insomnia for no reason in particular, acupuncture on specific points to relax the nervous system can help with more restful sleep. 

Fighting Wrinkles –

Cosmetic acupuncture treatments can soften, lift and tone the face and neck.  We use tiny needles along with special facial cupping and gua sha tools to bring circulation to the delicate facial tissues and enhance lymph drainage.  The result is a more radiant you without any cutting or poking or peeling!

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