If you have a scar anywhere on your body that is causing you pain, inhibiting your range of motion, or is simply unsightly, acupuncture is a safe, effective and easy way to reduce the appearance of the scar and decrease painful scar tissue.

How does it Work?

When treating scars, tiny acupuncture needles are inserted at various points along the scar. In general, this treatment is completely painless. The insertion of the needle superficially into the skin creates a healing, inflammatory response: Dead cells and scar tissue are broken down by the body; blood flow is increased to the area; the lymphatic system is stimulated so that the dead cells can be excreted. Over time, you will see visible changes in the appearance of the scar. If you are experiencing pain or decreased range of motion because of the scar, you will notice that you are able to better move the area with less pain. The duration of treatment will depend on how long you’ve had the scar, how deep it is and the severity of any pain you may be having. Because healing a scar with acupuncture is fairly localized, treatments can simultaneously be directed at any other health concerns you may be having.