Reopening May 11th

We will be reopening both our Chapel Hill and Raleigh locations on Monday, May 11.

All patients who missed an appointment from March 23–May 11 due to our offices being closed will be called in order to find a new place for you on our current schedule opening May 11. We will accommodate every patient who needs care in an orderly and safe manner.  

While you can expect the same relaxing environment, there will be some noticeable changes outlined below. 

Revised Office Protocols

Only one practitioner will work at a time in order to decrease the amount of people in our office and allow us to enforce social distancing between patients. This means that your practitioner’s hours may have decreased or changed from their normal times but we promise to make every effort to ensure continuity of care, even if you need to see a different practitioner. 

All patients will be screened at the door for symptoms before entering the clinic. This screening process will include taking your temp and asking the following questions:  

  1. Have you had a fever in the past 24 hours? 
  2. Have you been in contact with anyone diagnosed with Covid-10 in the past 14 days?  
  3. Have you traveled to areas that may have exposed you to Covid-19 over the past 14 days? 
  4. Do you have any respiratory symptoms or have had these symptoms over the last 7 days – cough, fever or difficulty breathing? 

All patients will need to enter the clinic alone (friends or family members will need to wait in the car and are not allowed in the waiting room). We will show patients back to their room after they arrive to minimize congregating in the waiting area. 

All staff and practitioners will wear protective masks. Patients are asked to wear masks entering the clinic but will take them off during their acupuncture sessions. 

We will have multiple hand sanitizer stations set up around the office for you to use.  

You will notice that we are using “sneeze barriers” at the reception desks. Plexiglass will be installed in Chapel Hill at the front desk and the Raleigh office will keep it’s reception glass doors closed in order to keep social distancing during the check-out process. 

You will also notice that our clinic spaces are modified to accommodate social distancing including reduced seating in the waiting room, no magazines, disposable cups for water and other such changes.

Revised Staff Protocols

All staff will be screened daily with a CDC recommended questionnaire and a temperature check.

Practitioners will be seeing patients at staggered appointment times to minimize patient overlap and allow for sanitization protocols to be followed between patients. 

We cannot wait to see you and catch up on all the time that has passed, but we will try to keep the intake portion of the visit shorter in order to allow for social distancing while you’re not on the treatment table. Your treatment time will remain the same. If you have things you would like to discuss in detail prior to your treatment, please email your practitioner directly or contact us via

Revised Attitude

The time we have spent apart from work has made each of us at TAC realize how incredibly grateful we are to each of you. It is an incredible opportunity to serve our community and we hope that our work can again bring calmness to your anxiety and relief to your pain and suffering as we move forward. We are taking every precaution available to keep you safe and thank you for your patience as we modify our office protocols to accomplish this. We promise that you will see the kindness in our eyes even if our masks hide the smile underneath.  

We hope you are all staying healthy out there and can’t wait to get back to work and start seeing you again!  

In health and wellness,
Chris, Katherine, Kim and the entire staff at TAC